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Air conditioner for communication industry is specially designed for solving the heat dissipation problems of outdoor communication cabinet, wireless outdoor cabinet, base station & battery cabinet, etc. Recommended product series include: 

Cabinet air conditioner AC powered

  1. Cabinet air conditioner DC powered

TEC air conditioner

Fresh-air free cooling integrated air conditioner

Air conditioner for power & energy storage industry is an ODM-based integrated design, built-in, space-saving precise temperature control product. It can integrate fresh air, heat exchange and other modes. Front return air, top air supply, connected with air duct, large air volume, long air supply distance, uniform temperature distribution within energy storage container. Recommended product series include:

Cabinet air conditioner AC powered

Energy storage air conditioner

Top mount air conditioner

BESS HVAC for Energy Storage System

Heat exchanger AC powered

This product series are temperature control products for small and medium-sized data centers. Close to the heat source design, it greatly improves the refrigeration efficiency, and effectively reduces the PUE of the machine room through high AEER system design and precision control. It is applied to communication and server cabinet and belongs to a modular temperature control unit. Its main function is to maintain the predetermined temperature in the cabinet, providing an external environment suitable for the work of servers and batteries, and to ensure the safe use of equipment. Recommended products include:

In-Rack air conditioner AC powered

Fresh-air free cooling integrated air conditioner​​​​​​​

This series of products is developed for the heat dissipation of industrial equipment control cabinet. It is used to provide a suitable temperature environment inside the control cabinet and ensure the service life of the equipment in the cabinet. The product has complete functions, high reliability, simple and convenient installation. It can work after power on without complex debugging. Recommended product is 

Panel mounting air conditioner

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