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AC Unit for Server Racks- Rack Mount Air Conditioner 8,500 BTU/13,650 BTU

  • Cooling capacity of 8,500 BTU/13,650 BTU;
  • Multiple self-protection design, RS485 communication port (MODBUS-RTU protocol);
  • Built-in condensate water evaporating device;
  • EC FAN, inverter compressor, intelligent speed. 
  • LSA025RA/LSA040RA


AC Unit for Server Racks-Rack Mount Air Conditioner

We are manufacturer and exporter of rack mount air conditioner, rack mount cooling product, etc.

rack mount air conditioner

  • R410A environment-friendly refrigerant and independent fan system are adopted to ensure sufficient air volume. Front upper air supply or front lower air supply can be selected;

  • Rack structure design, built-in or external to the server cabinet, closer to the heat source, to solve local hot spot problems, suitable for small and medium-sized data centers;

  • High reliability, wide working range, suitable for 10-55 ℃, 5% - 95% RH;

  • The air conditioner adopts DC frequency conversion system, which has convenient communication and can be externally connected with RS485 communication interface;

  • It has the advantages of high air volume, high efficiency, long service life and low noise;

  • It has the functions of automatic recovery after power failure and fault alarm reminder;

  • The pluggable filter screen can realize the clean air supply of the air conditioner and meet the requirements of the cleanliness of the machine room;

  • The air supply path of the fan is short, which reduces the energy consumption of the fan;

  • Visual digital display interface, field parameters adjustable;

  • Ral9005 black galvanized steel or stainless steel;

  • Other colors are customized according to requirements;

  • CE, UL (applicable to some models).

AC Unit for Server Racks-Rack Mount Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity L35/L35      2,500W (8,500 Btu/h)4,000W (13,650 Btu/h)
Rated Power L35/L35830W1350W
Condensing water evaporation power500W1000W
Width(W)*Depth(D)*Height(H) (Including Flanges)483*940/1040/1140*355(mm)483*940/1040/1140*445(mm)
Width(W)*Depth(D)*Height(H) (Excluding Flanges)440*940/1040/1140*355(mm)440*940/1040/1140*445(mm)
Application Temperature-40℃  ~    +70℃
Working Temperature-20℃  ~    +45℃
Input Voltage220V±15%  50/60Hz
IP GradeIP 5X
Mounting MethodIn-rack  Mounting
Air Volume550m³/h700m³/h
Noise60dB(A)65 dB(A)
Weight55 kg65 kg

More product details, please refer to Data Center Industry Air Conditioner Datasheets.

AC Unit for Server Racks-Rack Mount Air Conditioner

Applicable industries: Data center industry

Server rack ac unit is a server rack cooling product for small and medium-sized data centers. Close to the heat source design, it greatly improves the refrigeration efficiency, and effectively reduces the PUE of the machine room through high AEER system design and precision control. 

Air conditioner for data center is applied to communication and server cabinet and belongs to a modular temperature control unit. Server rack mount air conditioner's main function is to maintain the predetermined temperature in the cabinet, providing an external environment suitable for the work of servers and batteries, and to ensure the safe use of equipment.

server rack mount air conditioner

air conditioner for server rack

More using scenarios presented in Application Cases section.




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