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AC Panel Mount Air Conditioner

  • Plug in installation plus slim specifications, easy to integrate cabinet / chassis;
  • Cooling power: 300W~4000W (1,000~13,650 Btu/h);
  • Operating temperature range: - 40 to + 55 ℃;
  • Applications: power generation, chemical plants, process automation, steel plants, CNC machine, textile machine, food processing machinery, etc.

Product mode:

Panel Mount Air Conditioner

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of panel air conditioner.

panel mount air conditioner

  • A variety of installation options:

The product includes top and side installation methods, as well as slim specifications and models, so as to efficiently install into the opening of the control panel and save space;

  • Accurate temperature control:

In order to make the motor driver and control system operate within a safe temperature range, all temperature control products are equipped with accurate electronic thermostat control system with temperature accuracy up to (+ / - 0.5 ℃);

  • Rapid configuration and real-time display of system status:

The new human-machine interface can display all configuration parameters and sensor readings in the chassis and transmit them to the terminal equipment in real time;

  • Higher rated temperature range can cope with any harsh environment:

Outdoor temperature control products can withstand extreme environmental conditions, and the working temperature range can reach - 40 ~ + 55 ℃;

  • Newly passed certification: CE, 3C;

  • Simple installation:

Replacing the filter screen can be completed in a few seconds without any tools.

Panel Mount Air Conditioner

  • Completely isolate inside and outside, prevent dust, oil stain, moisture, etc;

  • Nano level protection of condenser, namely anti-corrosion and self-cleaning function, so as to prolong the service life of air conditioner;

  • The plug-in design of dust-proof filter screen makes the replacement convenient and fast;

  • The temperature is adjustable between 18-50 degrees, which solves various disadvantages caused by ventilation and heat dissipation;

  • Professional condensate treatment design to effectively solve the problem of condensate discharge;

  • RS485 interface, supporting Modbus protocol communication;

  • It has the function of incoming call self starting, and provides a variety of alarm and protection functions;

  • The alarm contact can be linked with the alarm lamp;

  • LCD Chinese and English menu display is convenient for setting parameters and viewing alarm information;

  • R134a environment-friendly refrigerant, meeting ROHS requirements;

  • Normal operation under 55 ℃ high temperature environment;

  • High reliability, 365 days / year, uninterrupted operation for more than 10 years;

  • Full front maintenance, simple and convenient, reducing service costs;

  • Standard access control alarm and output separately;

  • It can meet different certification needs of customers;

  • The new temperature control product is applicable to the ambient temperature up to 55 ℃, and the integrated alarm system will send out alarm signals in time when the system runs abnormally.

Panel Mount Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity L35/L35300W500W600W800W1,000W
Rated Power L35/L35
Width(W)*Depth(D)*Height(H)315*175*546 (mm)340*170*615   (mm)381*165*793   (mm)
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃
Working Temperature-40℃ ~ +55℃
Input Voltage220V±15%     50/60Hz
Mounting MethodSide Mounted
IP GradeIP 54
Air Volume120m³/h350m³/h400m³/h
Noise60 dB(A)65 dB(A)65 dB(A)
Weight15 kg17 kg17 kg20 kg30 kg

Cooling Capacity L35/L351,500W 2,000W2,500W 3,000W3,500W  4,000W
Rated Power L35/L35650W870W1090W1300W1500W1700W
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃
Working Temperature-40℃ ~ +55℃
Input Voltage220V±15%     50/60Hz
Mounting MethodSide Mounted
IP GradeIP 54
Air Volume440m³/h600m³800m³/h900m³/h1000m³/h
Noise65 dB(A)
Weight35kg50 kg70 kg

More product details, please refer to Panel Air Conditioner Datasheets.

Panel Mount Air Conditioner

Recommended applicable industries: industry sector (power generation, chemical plants, process automation, steel plants, CNC machine tools, textile machines, food processing machinery, telecom, etc)

In a control cabinet cooling project in the chiller room, panel air conditioner manufacturer--LANDKING had accurately customized 22 sets of 4KW control panel air conditioners for the project, which were configured in the on-site control cabinet. The electrical panel ac units ensured stable operation of the control cabinet in the chiller room, and met on-site temperature control expectation. 

panel air conditioner

Air conditioner is made based on customers' specific demands. More details, see control panel cooling case presented in Project Cases section.

Related accessories:

(It is applicable to the scene where the plant is not suitable for discharging condensate, and the condensate is directly evaporated into water vapor and discharged into the air)

Evaporation power 500W 1000W
Product mode LCW005DA LCW010DA
Width(W)*Depth(D)*Height(H) 360*60*120 MM
Mounting Method Side Mounted

  • Heater

(Heat exchange power 3000 / 9000W, increase the working temperature in the cabinet and prevent condensation in the cabinet)

Heat exchange power 3000W 9000W
Product mode HFU-3000 HFU-9000
Width(W)*Depth(D)*Height(H) including flange 502*147*505 mm 600*200*650 mm
Mounting method Side Mounted




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