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18 Features That Cabinet Air Conditioner Should Have (1)

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18 Features That Cabinet Air Conditioner Should Have (1)

The technological change represented by the increasing integration of key circuit control components, along with the vigorous development of new infrastructure construction all over the world, has created historic conditions for the large-scale application of intelligent outdoor industrial cooling equipment. Nowadays, cabinet air conditioner shows its unique industrial position in refrigeration in the fields of communication, power, energy storage, modularization and container data center, and will continue to explore industrial applications in other fields.

As an industrial refrigeration product supplying customized market, electrical cabinet cooling unit also needs to keep pace with the times in the era of intelligent industry, keep the characteristics in line with the development trend of the times, and continuously create value for the construction and transformation of infrastructure. To illustrate, a professional outdoor cabinet air conditioner manufacturer provides AC unit for electrical cabinet with following key features:

  • High energy efficiency ratio

Control cabinet cooling product adopts high-efficiency fully sealed compressor and high-efficiency heat exchanger with strong environmental adaptability. After a large number of experiments and tests, the product has high energy efficiency ratio and meets the requirements of energy conservation and consumption reduction;

  • High sensible heat ratio

In a relatively closed container space, the operation of high-density electronic and power equipment releases a large amount of sensible heat. In this case, the small cabinet air conditioner  is carefully designed with the characteristics of large air volume and small enthalpy difference, and the sensible heat ratio reaches more than 90%, so as to quickly carry out environmental cooling without keeping the room too dry.

  • Heating function

When the container is used in cold areas, it also needs a small amount of heating operation in winter. The outdoor cabinet air conditioner can provide PTC heater, which has the advantages of high safety performance, no attenuation of calorific value, stability and reliability, and is not affected by environmental conditions.

  • Hot and cold dual function

The cabinet cooling solutions has the independent preset temperature control function of refrigeration and heating, and can set their own control temperature respectively. The cabinet air conditioner automatically switches the mode according to the indoor temperature when there is no human control in presence.

  • Dehumidification function

In places with high ambient humidity, high humidity will inevitably occur in the container. Outdoor cabinet cooling system is reserved with the function of expanding professional level deep dehumidification.

  • High and low ambient temperature refrigeration

The energy and power containers have large internal heating capacity and need to be cooled all year round. Since the refrigeration and air conditioning are designed and matched according to the temperature in summer. The refrigeration operation in the transitional season and winter environment will endanger the service life of the unit. Therefore, the cabinet cooling solutions is specially designed and countermeasure accessories are added to enable the products to operate stably and reliably in high temperature environment and cold environment.

  • Micro positive pressure

The micro positive pressure design is built on the foundation of integrated-type air conditioner, which is specially aimed at realizing the positive pressure control requirements of closed spaces such as containers and clean rooms, so as to ensure that there is a positive pressure of 10 ~ 20Pa in the closed environment and the cleanliness of fresh air entering the container. The advantages of micro positive pressure design are as follows: 1. The fresh air device and fresh air outlet are integrated on the unit, and the container does not need to open the fresh air outlet separately; 2. Real time control the opening of air valve to ensure constant positive pressure in container; 3. Analog quantity control introduces natural air volume to avoid impact on indoor temperature gradient; 4. Bring its own fresh air fan to avoid insufficient fresh air supply due to blockage of filter device; 5. The air inlet filter device can be installed according to the customer's requirements (the filter device maintenance prompt unit can be optional); 6. The fresh air filter device is humanized to ensure the convenience of customer maintenance of the filter device.

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