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Intelligent Integrated Cabinet Air Conditioning Solution

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Intelligent Integrated Cabinet Air Conditioning Solution

Intelligent Integrated Cabinet Air Conditioning Solution

Various types of electrical control cabinets are created. With the continuous development of technology, the complexity of various electrical control systems is more and more enhanced. The system itself is developing towards a highly integrated, highly automated and high-precision control. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of high-density production planning, the stability requirements of the system itself are also increasing. The stability of the system does not completely depend on the architecture of the system itself, components (hardware) and software itself, but also depends on the operating environment of the system, and air conditioning is very important but most likely to be ignored. Hence, to find out an appropriate intelligent integrated cabinet air conditioning solution is quite necessary. 


Presently, the environmental factors affecting the electrical system include the following aspects:


  • Dust. Such as metal dust in iron and steel plant, coal dust in coal producing area, various fibers in textile working area, etc.


  • Fog (gas). Toxic, corrosive gases, oil mist in the processing center area, spray in the paint shop of the automobile factory, etc.


  • Damp. Such as various wading areas, rainy days, plum rain season, etc.


  • Temperature. Heating capacity of various high-temperature areas and various components.


  • Interference. Such as electromagnetic interference.

These environmental factors affect the outcome of outdoor telecom cabinet air conditioning, and in many cases they affect each other. For example, the solution of the most common category 1 and 2 impacts on the site mainly depends on improving the IP level of components and cabinets, or increasing the tightness of cabinets. However, the side effect of this approach is that it seriously affects the air flow in the cabinet and directly affects the heat dissipation. However, if the means of installing fans are used to solve the heat dissipation problem, it will have a negative impact on the solution to category 1 and category 2. Therefore, choosing a scheme that can effectively solve the above five types of problems is very important for the stability of system’s operation.

Intelligent cabinet air conditioner manufacturer --LANDKING GROUPS can realize this scheme. 

Application Industries

Automobile production line, steel, textile, complete set of electrical, tobacco, beverage, printing, etc.

Product features:


• Completely isolate the inside and outside, prevent dust, oil stain, moisture, etc.


• Nano level protection of condenser, namely anti-corrosion and self-cleaning function, prolongs the service life of air conditioner.


• The plug-in design of dust-proof filter screen is convenient and easy to be replaced.


• The temperature is adjustable between 18-50 degrees, which solves various disadvantages caused by ventilation and heat dissipation.


• Professional condensate treatment design to efficiently solve the problem of condensate discharge.


• RS485 interface, supporting MODBUS protocol communication.


• It has the function of self starting when power is connected, and provides a variety of alarm and protection functions.


• The alarm contact can be linked with the alarm lamp.


• LCD Chinese and English menu display is convenient for setting parameters and viewing alarm information.


• R134a environment-friendly refrigerant meets ROHS requirements.


• Normal operation under 55 ℃ high temperature environment.


• High reliability, 365 days / year, uninterrupted operation for more than 10 years.


• Full front maintenance, simple and convenient, reducing service costs.


• It can meet different certification needs from customers.

Project case:

cabinet air conditioner



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