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Integrated Energy-Saving Outdoor Enclosure Cabinet Air Conditioner

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Integrated Energy-Saving Outdoor Enclosure Cabinet Air Conditioner

Integrated Energy-Saving Outdoor Enclosure Cabinet Air Conditioner

The remarkable characteristics of the network era of big data centralization are the miniaturization and cabinet of computers, and the thinness of servers. They are characterized by smaller and smaller volume, but the electronic power density is increasing. Under this condition, the refrigeration system in the machine room is bearing more and more loading pressure.

Cabinet air conditioner, also called outdoor enclosure air conditioner, or cabinet type aircon is specially designed for communication applications, such as solving the heat dissipation problems of outdoor communication cabinet, wireless outdoor cabinet, base station, battery cabinet and so on. It is mainly used to take away the heat generated by the electric energy consumed by the electrical components, provide an ideal temperature and humidity environment for the interior of various cabinets, isolate the dust and corrosive gas in the external environment, and to prolong the service life of the electrical components and improve the operation reliability of the machine system. Electrical cabinet air conditioner is applicable to electrical control box, communication, communication equipment, data processing box and heavy motor equipment control box, etc.

Application Scenario

Communication operators, mobile base stations, wireless outdoor cabinets, outdoor battery cabinets, Metro and railway industries, etc.

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Product Features

• The internal and external circulation is completely isolated to ensure that there is no dust, moisture and other intrusion into the equipment;


• The temperature is adjustable between 18-50 degrees, which solves various disadvantages caused by ventilation and heat dissipation;


• It is suitable for T3 working condition with high temperature of 55 ℃;


• Equipped with HMI display;


• Adopt environment-friendly refrigerant R134a;


• RS485 communication protocol.



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