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18 Features That Cabinet Air Conditioner Should Have (2)

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18 Features That Cabinet Air Conditioner Should Have (2)

Cabinet air conditioner  with its integrated shape design and increasingly intelligent operation has won high praise in the refrigeration field of communication, power, energy storage, data center and other industries.  Features That Cabinet Air Conditioner Should Have (1) have given some advices about how to evaluate ac unit for electrical cabinet  from several key perspectives.  Here presents the other key features that outdoor cabinet air conditioner manufacturer should make sure its product series to be.

  • Emergency ventilation

The equipment density in the energy and power container is large, the air conditioning space is reserved small, and when the installed capacity cannot be used, the electrical cabinet cooling unit can expand to provide the function of emergency ventilation module. The outdoor cabinet air conditioner can realize automatic fault interlocking control and emergency safety treatment.

  • Dual machine switching

The dual machine switching function is very suitable for use in some remote places and scenes where the outdoor cabinet air conditioner cannot be interrupted. In order to consider safety, the user will adopt the design of host plus standby machine, which can realize the alternating refrigeration operation of dual machine automatic rotation. At the same time, it has the function of automatically putting the standby machine into operation at peak, so as to meet the needs of energy saving and high safety.

  • Rainproof ability

As an integral shape layout of outdoor cabinet air conditioner, the outdoor side enclosure adopts an integrated box structure design. After the flange is sealed and fixed, it is not afraid of wind and rain to enter the indoor side heat dissipation cavity, which completely avoids the worry of rain entering the container and meets the protection grade standard of IP65.

  • Lightning protection capability

Outdoor cabinet air conditioning control is strictly regulated by EMC, with excellent resistance to 4,000V power supply and signal pulse and surge, and good lightning protection ability. Additional accessories can also be added to strengthen the protection ability of lightning protection and over voltage.

  • Explosion proof capability

The container explosion-proof air conditioner is explosion-proof for the whole machine according to relevant national explosion-proof standards. It is suitable for explosive environments with different explosion-proof levels such as energy storage, petroleum, chemical industry, military, offshore oil drilling platform and so on.

  • Corrosion resistance

The anti-corrosion outdoor cabinet air conditioning adopts the anti-corrosion design concept of marine air conditioner. Combined with many years of anti-corrosion field experience and self-developed anti-corrosion materials, it can provide corresponding anti-corrosion schemes and products according to different corrosion scenarios, up to C5 level, prolong the service life of the unit and improve the economic benefits of users.

  • High altitude operation

High altitude appliable outdoor cabinet air conditioner is a special air conditioner developed for the environment of thin plateau air, cold temperature and perennial snow. The outdoor cabinet cooling system has the characteristics of large heat exchange area, preheating start and low-temperature refrigeration, and fully meets the energy storage requirements in high altitude areas.

  • Power down auto start

Under condition of the unstable power supply state in some places, the automatic start function is specially designed. When the power is on soon after the sudden power failure, the control cabinet ac units will remember and maintain the operation state of the cabinet air conditioner before the power failure and automatically start the operation.

  • NC Control

The cabinet air conditioner adopts a large screen LCD text controller specially developed to achieve high readability and maintainability, which can switch bilingually, navigate menu user interface, operation parameters, set parameters, port status, high readability, good human-computer interaction ability, high safety and reliability microcomputer controller, strong anti-interference ability and EMC compatibility, The surface of the controller is specially treated, which can effectively prevent the erosion of moisture, salt fog, weak acid and weak alkali to the controller. The controller has strong functional driving ability and communication port, and can realize the remote centralized monitoring data exchange ability of multi unit network.

  • Automatic fault diagnosis

The outdoor cabinet air conditioner has a variety of automatic fault diagnosis and hierarchical self-processing functions, bilingual alarm and fault description display, and can be transmitted to the remote monitoring unit through the communication port, so that the maintenance personnel can know the fault position at a glance, which is convenient for maintenance.

  • Remote monitoring

The outdoor cabinet cooling system provides RS-485 communication interface, which can be connected with the upper computer for remote monitoring and management. It has local and remote control modes and three-way function:

General test: it can remotely detect the temperature and humidity in the machine room;

Communication: remote reading of air conditioning operation status parameters and fault information;

Communication control: it can remotely control the switch of air conditioner and the setting of relevant parameters.

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