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Customized Scheme of Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioner

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Customized Scheme of Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioner

As a kind of refrigeration equipment in industrial fields, cabinet air conditioner is completely customized temperature control products. Different from standardized household air conditioners, cabinet air conditioner manufacturers can customize products with different powers and shapes for different industries to meet customers' personalized needs, according to different cooling capacity, operating conditions and installation methods. Hence, cabinet air conditioner price varies based on customization requirements.

As a illustration, flow chart of product order in Download section explains customization process from the very beginning to a sample unit is created.  

So what information does a customer need to provide so that we can make a customized outdoor cabinet air conditioner?

Cooling capacity

Customers usually have their own target cooling capacity. If the cooling capacity is not clear, we can help customers calculate it according to the specific conditions of cooling, such as cooling area, etc.

Voltage input

Whether the power supply connected to the control cabinet air conditioner is DC or AC, and the corresponding voltage and frequency will directly affect our selection of air conditioning compressor, main control board, fan and other accessories.

Installation methods

Door mounted (fully embedded) , semi-embedded, side mounted (external mounted), split, top mounted, rack, etc. In addition, the installation method will also change the design of the air inlet and outlet of the internal and external circulation of the outdoor telecom cabinet air conditioner, and then change the fixed relative position of the internal core components.

Heating option

Heating capacity is an optional function, which is applicable to adjust the internal temperature of the air conditioner in the severe cold environment to make it in a moderate working temperature range. The heating function is one of the automatic control functions of the cabinet air conditioner

Noise requirements

Based on the noise requirements of customers, compressors and fans are selected accordingly.

IP grade and surface treatment

Considering that air conditioner will be used in coastal areas, the surface needs to be treated with anti-corrosion and anti salt fog.

Other functional requirements

Humidity detection in the cabinet, selection of alarm mode, communication mode & communication protocol, condensate treatment, whether the air conditioner cabinet cover is required, etc.


Landking Technology. is committed to providing air conditioning products for closed-loop cabinets, server rooms and base stations in industry, power, communication and new energy industries. Owning modernized production lines and comprehensive laboratories, our annual output reached 150,000 units, playing a leading role in the industry. 

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