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What is Cabinet Air Conditioners?

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What is Cabinet Air Conditioners?

What is Cabinet Air Conditioners?

Cabinet air conditioner definition

Cabinet air conditioner (also called electrical cabinet air conditioner, or control cabinet air conditioner) is produced for closed-loop enclosure heat dissipation in which electrical components, or equipment works whereby excessive heat can be generated. The working environment of cabinet air conditioner is usually outdoor, so its design varies from that of the household air conditioner. 

Cabinet air conditioner design

  • Mounting method

There are various mounting methods in cabinet air conditioner design: wall-mounting, semi-embedded mounting, full-embedded mounting, etc.

cabinet air conditioner

  • Functions and features

The cabinet air conditioner adopts the downward air outlet and upward air return mode. It uses a backward inclined centrifugal turbine fan. During the working process, under the action of the centrifugal fan, the air pressure in the upper part of the cabinet is pumped down by the fan, and the air pressure in the lower part is higher than that in the upper part. The air flow circulates rapidly. Even when the compressor is not working, using this strong convection mode can naturally cool and reduce the hot spot phenomenon in the cabinet. The fan air volume of the cabinet air conditioner is generally more than three times that of the household air conditioner, so the heat dissipation effect is relatively better. At the same time, the cabinet air conditioner can also be cooled in winter. Other supplementary features of cabinet air conditioner,  18 Features That Cabinet Air Conditioner Should Have (1) and 18 Features That Cabinet Air Conditioner Should Have (2) give more details.

cabinet air conditioner

  • Protection grade

The protection level of the internal unit of the split household air conditioner is low, which is IP30. The outdoor unit has the rain proof function. The outdoor cabinet air conditioner requires a high degree of protection, generally IP54 or IP44, with good waterproof performance. Know how to define protection grade of cabinet air conditioner

electrical cabinet air conditioner

  • Anti-theft

The internal components of the household air conditioner are made of engineering plastics, which is easy to cause safety hazards. In addition, the indoor unit of the household air conditioner is separated from the outdoor unit, and the outdoor unit is exposed in a conspicuous place, which is easy to be stolen. The cabinet air conditioner adopts the overall anti-theft design, which cannot be removed from the outside after installation.

control cabinet air conditioner

  • Intelligent monitoring and remote control

Household air conditioners usually use remote control devices to switch on and off the air conditioners. They do not have remote data transmission interfaces, and only have high-voltage devices in terms of protection functions. The cabinet air conditioner is equipped with complete protection devices, including high-voltage protection, evaporator icing, high voltage protection, disconnection protection, overcurrent heat protection, high temperature alarm and low temperature alarm. R-485 interface is installed to realize long-distance data transmission, centralized monitoring and automatic alarm.

  • Anti interference and electromagnetic compatibility

The cabinet air conditioner is designed according to the strong electromagnetic environment and meets the relevant EMC standards. It will not generate electromagnetic interference or shut down due to strong electromagnetic interference.

  • Main accessories

  • Refrigerant:

R134a environmental protection medium pressure refrigerant is generally used for cabinet air conditioners. When the ambient temperature is high, R134a will have a small cooling capacity attenuation, and R22 will be banned from use after 2016.

  • Fan:

Cabinet air conditioner generally uses industrial fans and self-lubricating ball bearings. Its service life is up to 80,000 hours, and it can operate continuously for 10 years under 24-hour working conditions. In addition, this fan has waterproof function and high protection grade, which can reach IP54 or IP44 standards. It has long air supply distance, large air volume and high air pressure.

electrical cabinet air conditioner

  • Plate and surface coating:

The sheet metal parts used in the cabinet air conditioner are usually painted with about 1.5mm sheet metal and outdoor powder, which are not only light and high in strength, but also have excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

control cabinet air conditioner

  • Maintenance

Unlike household air conditioner that its indoor and outdoor units are connected by pipes, the refrigerant will leak to a certain extent and it is generally necessary to replenish the refrigerant every few years. The cabinet air conditioner can be basically maintenance free. In addition, its refrigeration system is fully enclosed welding, and there will be no refrigerant leakage within 10 years.

Additionally, cabinet air conditioner adopts a convenient maintenance design, and all components can be disassembled and maintained from the front and rear sides.

Outdoor cabinet air conditioner

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