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Temperature Control in Energy Storage System

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Temperature Control in Energy Storage System

The battery energy storage system has large battery capacity and power, and high power density has high requirements for heat dissipation. At the same time, it is easy to cause problems such as battery heat and uneven temperature distribution in energy storage system. Therefore, temperature control is very important for the service life and safety of the battery system.

battery energy storage cooling

At present, main technical methods utilized by energy storage temperature control system are air cooling (using air medium) and liquid cooling (liquid medium).

Air cooling scheme

Air cooling system is a cooling method that uses air as cooling medium and convective heat transfer to reduce battery temperature. The air cooling system has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and low cost. The disadvantage is that the specific heat capacity of air is low and the thermal conductivity is also very low, which makes air cooling usually used in occasions with low heat production rate. In the field of energy storage, it is mainly used in fields with relatively small power density such as communication base stations and small ground power stations. At present, the main optimization factors of air cooling system are: 

1. Wind speed;  2. Battery distribution;  3. Air flow direction.

Liquid cooling scheme

Liquid cooling system takes liquid as the cooling medium and takes away the heat generated by the battery through convective heat exchange. At present, the commonly used media include water, ethylene glycol aqueous solution, pure ethylene glycol, air conditioning refrigerant and silicone oil. On the whole, the liquid cooling system has high heat transfer coefficient, large specific heat capacity and fast cooling speed, and the liquid specific heat capacity is not affected by altitude and air pressure. It has a wide application range. At the same time, the structure of the liquid cooling system is relatively compact, making the space occupation relatively small. The liquid cooling system can be divided into direct and indirect types according to the contact mode between the liquid cooling medium and the battery: 

1. Direct contact refers to that the battery monomer or module is immersed in the liquid to let the liquid directly cool the battery; 

2. Indirect contact refers to the setting of cooling channels and cold plates between batteries.

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