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Why TEC Air Conditioner is Chosen in Industrial Cooling?

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Why TEC Air Conditioner is Chosen in Industrial Cooling?

Why choose TEC Air Conditioner?

TEC air conditioner adopts semiconductor refrigeration, also known as electronic refrigeration, or thermoelectric refrigeration. It uses special semiconductors to produce Peltier effect, which is a new refrigeration method called streaming refrigeration. It has accurate temperature control and is suitable for temperature sensitive equipment or battery compartment. Together with compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration, it is known as the world's three major refrigeration modes.

TEC air conditioner works with DC power supply and battery power supply. It can also work in case of power failure. AC is used for heat exchange, which can also ensure the normal working temperature of the battery in the battery compartment in case of AC power failure. Therefore, in the outdoor cabinets of some communication base stations, the heat exchange system is generally selected for the equipment control bin, and TEC air conditioner is selected for the battery bin.

With the high development of science and technology, in the environment of advocating energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection, thermoelectric semiconductor refrigeration / heating chip (hereinafter referred to as TEC chip) and its air conditioning system (TEC semiconductor air conditioning) have made great progress in the field of industrial air conditioning with their unique technical advantages. Compared with the traditional industrial air conditioner, the control system of TEC semiconductor industrial air conditioner is simpler.

As a change of traditional refrigeration technology, thermoelectric coolers began to appear more and more in various applications. In many specific cases, thermoelectric coolers are superior to traditional refrigeration systems. In some thermal control processes that only involve low or medium heat transfer, but require complex temperature control, thermoelectric coolers can provide great help. TEC semiconductor air conditioning has become a typical representative of thermoelectric coolers.  

Features of TEC air conditioner 

■ refrigerants such as Freon are not used, which has no adverse impact on the environment;

■ small, lightweight;

■ the same device can meet the requirements of temperature rise and temperature drop without adding additional heating mode;

■ very sensitive to temperature (fast cooling and fast heating);

■ without vibration and noise, it can work at any angle and under zero gravity;

■ the thermoelectric cooler has high reliability due to its solid base structure;

■ there is no need to worry about the leakage of refrigerant and corrosive liquid, which is easy to repair.



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