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Air Conditioner Applied in Energy Storage System Project in Tibet

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Air Conditioner Applied in Energy Storage System Project in Tibet

The 4MW/20MWh chemical energy storage project of Changdu Basu PV Power Station in Tibet, China has been successfully connected to the grid. This is the first energy storage project to realize grid connected power generation among 46 power stations in Tibet that have added photovoltaic energy storage, marking a breakthrough in the "zero" of new energy storage application projects in Tibet area.

ess air conditioner

For Changdu Power Grid, which has a large power supply shortage in winter, the operation of this project has the role of "providing timely assistance". After the project is put into operation, it can realize the smooth output of photovoltaic, automatic tracking frequency modulation, two-way converter control and other functions, which can greatly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of new energy and the safe and stable operation level of the power grid. Moreover, the project is expected to increase the average annual power generation by 3 million kilowatt hours, save about 369 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 996 tons, achieving a breakthrough of "zero" in the new energy storage and supply guarantee application project in Tibet, China.

At present, energy storage enters in golden age all around the world. 

From R&D, design to production, LANDKING is committed to providing climate control equipments for energy storage system (ESS) . Among them, 25KW energy storage air conditioner has been formally applied to the project, which is one of the many energy storage temperature control projects that LANDKING has participated in.

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