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DC Powered Air Conditioner Heat Exchanger

Air conditioner heat exchanger integrates the dual functions of refrigeration and heat exchange. The air conditioner and heat exchange machine is an energy-saving temperature control product specially designed for heat dissipation of data center and communication base station equipment.

Air conditioner heat exchanger

  • Dual system integration, greatly improved reliability, especially suitable for outdoor cabinet;

  • Realize telemetry, remote signaling and remote adjustment, and realize multiple automatic protection and comprehensive fault self diagnosis function;

  • Exquisite workmanship and high-quality international famous brand accessories ensure that the products are more stable and reliable;

  • It is suitable for T3 high temperature working condition and R134a environment-friendly refrigerant;

  • Multiple protection functions, RS485 interface (MODBUS-RTU);

  • LED digital tube display, field parameters can be set;

  • The heating function is optional. The system adopts adjustable DC fan to realize speed regulation to reduce noise;

  • Dry contact alarm output, normally open / normally closed;

  • Unique energy-saving control technology.

Working principle of air conditioner heat exchanger

Refrigeration operation:

When the temperature in the cabinet reaches the refrigeration start-up temperature, the internal fan, external fan and compressor keep on successively (as shown in the figure below, the compressor is running).

air conditioner heat exchanger

Heat exchange operation:

When the ambient temperature is low, the temperature inside the cabinet meets the start-up temperature of heat exchange, and the temperature difference inside and outside the cabinet meets the effective temperature difference of heat exchange, the internal fan and external fan remain open and the compressor remains closed (as shown in the figure below, no compressor is running).

air conditioner heat exchanger

Technical parameters of Air conditioner heat exchanger 

Cooling Capacity 1000W-60W/K 1500W-80W/K 2000W-100W/K 2500W-120W/K 3000W-150W/K
Rated Power 280W 400W 570W 700W 860W
(Including Flanges)
461*200*900(mm) 561*200*1001(mm) 561*220*1201(mm) 550*250*1350(mm)
Width(W)*Depth(D)*Height(H)(Excluding Flanges) 410*200*847(mm) 505*200*945(mm) 505*220*1145(mm) 500*250*1300(mm)
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +70℃ -40 ~ +70℃
Working Temperature -40 ~ +55℃ -40 ~ +55℃
Input Voltage -48VDC -48VDC
Mounting Method Embedded Embedded
IP Grade IP 55 IP 55
Air Volume 400m³/h 800m³/h 850m³/h
Noise 65 dB(A) 65 dB(A)
Weight 40 kg 45 kg 60 kg 65 kg 80 kg


More product technical data, see Combined Unit of Air Conditioner with Heat Exchanger Datasheets.

Appearance dimension of air conditioner heat exchanger

air conditioner heat exchanger

Installation instruction:


◊ In order to avoid short circuit of air duct, it is suggested to make effective isolation between inner air inlet and outlet.

P.S. This product is free of cover, customers don't need to install additional cover.

1. If the customer needs to install a protective cover, in order to ensure enough circulation of air, the opening rate of the air inlet and outlet should be greater than 60%. It is very important to prolong the unit life and reduce the maintenance frequency.
2. The air inlet and outlet of the protective cover should prevent short circuit of air duct, so that the air-con can get
the best cooling effect.
3. Due to the opening of the housing problems caused by the fault, not in the scope of the warranty.




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