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Solution of Cabinet Heat Dissipation in Communication Industry

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Solution of Cabinet Heat Dissipation in Communication Industry

Cabinet Heat Dissipation in Communication Industry

Cabinet air conditioner or enclosure air conditioner has been characterized by smaller and smaller volume in the network era of modern data centralization, the miniaturization and cabinet of computers, and the thinness and blade of servers, wherein the electronic power density is ever increasing.

Under this condition, the cabinet air conditioning system in the machine room is bearing more and more tests. Telecom cabinet air conditioner is specially designed for communication applications, such as solving the heat dissipation problems of outdoor communication cabinet, wireless outdoor cabinet, base station, and battery cabinet, etc. It is mainly used to take away the heat generated by the electric energy consumed by the electrical components, provide an ideal temperature and humidity environment for the interior of various cabinets, isolate the dust and corrosive gas in the external environment, hence to prolong the service life of the electrical components and improve the operation reliability of the machine system. 

As a professional cabinet air conditioner manufacturer, Wuxi Landking Technology is an overall cooling solution provider in industrial fields.  Its temperature control products are applicable to electrical control box, communication, communication equipment, data processing box and heavy motor equipment control box, etc. 

cabinet air conditioner

  • External installation plus slim specifications, easy to integrate cabinet / chassis;

  • Cooling capacity: 1,000 BTU/H~26,000 BTU/H;

  • Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +55 ℃.

Product Features

  • Remote measuring, remote communication, remote control, which can realize multiple automatic protection and comprehensive self-testing function;

  • Strict process control and famous brand components to ensure high quality and reliability of this product;

  • Fit for harsh condition (T3), R134a refrigerant ;

  • Multiple self-protection design , RS485 communication port (MODBUS-RTU protocol);

  • LED display, all the settings can changed at the field;

  • The heating function is optional;

  • Dry contact alarm output, NO/NC optional;

  • Anti-theft design, without the protection cover.



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