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Vapor Compression Type Cabinet Air Conditioner

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Vapor Compression Type Cabinet Air Conditioner

What is cabinet air conditioner?

Cabinet air conditioner serves electrical equipment, electronic or mechanical components, not to people. When the insulation temperature and insulation temperature of the electrical device are too high, the reliability of the electrical device will be reduced due to premature aging. Cabinet air conditioners can be powered by both AC and DC based on power supply condition. 

The cabinet ac unit can effectively promote the air circulation in the cabinet, reduce the local heat island phenomenon of electrical components and contribute to the heat dissipation of electrical components. In addition to outdoor cabinets, most of the other cabinets are installed indoors, while some production environments are complex, including high temperature, high humidity, high dust, and even oil or corrosive gas. In particular, the phenomenon of high temperature and high dust is relatively common. The working environment temperature of cabinet air conditioning units is usually higher than 42 ℃ and the maximum is 70 ~ 80 ℃, and the following requirements should be met: for example, it can work continuously for 24 hours, which is stronger and more extensive than home-use air conditioner, etc. This also requires that the cabinet air conditioner must be able to meet the reliability requirements for use in this complex environment.

cabinet air conditioner

Application of cabinet air conditioner

In the network era of modern data centralization, computer servers are much thinner and miniaturization. They are characterized by smaller and smaller volume, but the electronic power density is increasing. Under this condition, the refrigeration system on site bears working pressure seriously.

Cabinet air conditioner is specially designed for communication applications, such as solving the heat dissipation problems of outdoor telecom cabinet, electric panel, enclosure box, wireless outdoor cabinet, base station, battery cabinet and so on. It is mainly used to take away the heat generated by the electric energy consumed by the electrical components, provide an ideal temperature and humidity environment for the interior of various cabinets, isolate the dust and corrosive gas in the external environment, prolong the service life of the electrical components and improve the operation reliability of the machine system. In such application cases, cabinet air conditioner is also called electric panel air conditioner, enclosure air conditioner, or panel air conditioner, etc.

cabinet air conditioner

Working principle of cabinet air conditioner

The cooling mode of cabinet air conditioner usually includes vapor compression type, and there are two other cooling modes, namely semiconductor type and compressed air scroll cooling mode.

The vapor compression type cabinet air conditioner compresses the refrigerant, condenses and releases heat through the compressor, and then evaporates and absorbs heat to reduce the ambient temperature. When installed on the control cabinet, the calorimeter in the cabinet can be transferred to the outside of the cabinet under the condition of sealing, so as to avoid the high-temperature dust and corrosive gas in the external environment from entering the control cabinet. The temperature and humidity in the control cabinet are always constant. In the ideal state, the service life and working stability of electronic components are guaranteed.

The ac unit cabinet air conditioner adopts the refrigeration principle of compressor for strong refrigeration to realize the constant temperature control of the internal temperature of the electrical control cabinet. Because the air circulation inside and outside the cabinet is isolated from each other, it can effectively prevent harmful and humid gases and dust from entering the cabinet.

According to its installation mode, the air conditioner can generally be divided into: wall mounted (side mounted, embedded and rack mounted in the cabinet) and top mounted.

Installation of cabinet air conditioner

  • The electrical control cabinet must be sealed;

  • The top mounted air conditioner shall not bend the top plate of the electrical control cabinet, and the top plate shall be strengthened if necessary;

  • Pay attention to the discharge of condensate. After installation, insert the condensate pipe into the outlet hole to prevent condensate from flowing into the cabinet. 

  • A door switch should be installed. When the door is opened, the air conditioning device should be cut off to avoid condensation in the cabinet. At the same time, the air conditioning device can be switched on again after the door is closed for 5 minutes;

  • Keep the air circuit in the cabinet unblocked and avoid obstruction at the air inlet and outlet.

With the increasing maturity of air conditioning technology, more and more users have put forward the requirements of installing air conditioners in electrical control cabinets. Many manufacturers have produced various specifications of wall mounted and top mounted air conditioners, with a maximum refrigerating capacity of more than 6,000 watts, which can meet the requirements of various users. In addition, in order to meet the needs of heat dissipation and ventilation of outdoor electrical control cabinet, cabinet air conditioner manufacturers also produce outdoor air conditioners.

Characteristics of cabinet air conditioner

  • Environment and cleanliness of outdoor cabinet

The environment where the outdoor cabinet is located is dusty and humid. In order to ensure the clean environment of the equipment, it is necessary to isolate the inside of the cabinet air conditioner from the external environment. 

  • Volume 

The volume of the cabinet is limited. In addition to the space required for communication equipment and batteries, the space reserved for the air conditioner is very small. Therefore, the cabinet air conditioner with compact structure and small volume has become the mainstream product in industry.

  • Refrigeration requirements

The cabinet air conditioner generally needs to work continuously for a long time, so the standard for the compressor is also very high.

  • Refrigerant environmental protection

There are two kinds of refrigerants on the market, environmental protection and non environmental protection. Within environmental concern, it is necessary to use environment-friendly refrigerant for cabinet air conditioner.

  • Noise

Some cabinets are to be installed in residential areas.  Therefore, the cabinet air conditioner needs to have low-noise design technology.

  • Microcomputer digital display

The cabinet is unattended. In order to remotely check the operation status of the equipment and the cabinet temperature, and avoid manually starting the air conditioner and setting the temperature point, the air conditioning cabinet needs to have the functions of setting the cabinet temperature, fault code display, low voltage, overheating and overcurrent and other fault protection and alarm.

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